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Wired Trap Voice Release System

Our state-of-the-art digital Trap Voice Release System is SIMPLE to set up and very easy to operate. Each of the 5 microphones operates continuously, so there is no need to sequence, adjust or reset the system if you have a "NO BIRD" or even a short squad.

Product Specifications

  • VERSATILE - For use in Trap, Wobble Trap, Trap Doubles etc
    - Easily portable between stands
  • SET UP - Just plug in the power supply and microphones
    - Connect to the release connection of any trap and it's ready

  • OPERATE - No complicated settings or adjustments.
  • POWER - 12V,120V & 240V options
  • ACCURATE - Consistent trap release time - every time
    - Advanced filtering minimizes unwanted noise related triggering
    - Optional voice command delay mimics human timing

  • REDUCED COSTS - No need for a human puller
  • CONSTRUCTION - Improved powder coated stands available in 2 styles:
      1-Lightweight stake stands that cannot be blown down or
       inadvertently knocked over


      2-Heavy duty weight plate based stands to avoid
       microphone damage


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1 x Control Box
1 x Control Box Cover
1 x Power Supply
1 x Button Box
1 x Control Cable
5 x Microphone Cables
5 x Microphones
5 x Stands & Plates

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